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“Positive Mind, Positive Vibes, Positive Life”

In our Sienna family, happiness is key. "Positive mind, positive vibes, positive life" is our mantra and is reflected in simply everything we do. We do what we love, we do it with loads of passion and, in the end, we want to empower women to do exactly the same. We want them to embrace their strength, follow their dreams and reveal their true selves to the world.

We choose to be happy and to share this happiness with everyone who comes our way. It’s our aspiration for everyone to feel happy, comfortable and welcome. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are from or how you look, we just want you to smile, and remind yourself you are always lovely!

This is also why we are a proud sponsor of Make-A-Wish® Belgium-Vlaanderen, a great foundation that exists for one reason only - to grant magical wishes to enrich the lives of children and young people fighting life-threatening conditions.


Sienna Boutique: Modern Romanticism

In 2005 it all started with our first boutique store: Sienna in the Lombardenvest 56. It was (and still is) our aim to make a positive difference in the fashion-scene of Antwerp and beyond. Importantly, instead of looking for the safe or obvious choices, we are constantly on the lookout for unique and original items that stand out, are affordable and always lovely!

We love new, small labels that share the essence of Sienna and the qualities we seek and that represent a great contemporary (and often upcoming) style. Slightly moving away from the typical mainstream, Sienna caters to all women who are fashion savvy but who are not hysterical about it. Inspired by ‘modern romanticism’, Sienna offers feminine, rugged, romantic women's clothing and accessories that are nicely combined with a warm welcome in a unique interior setting.

In July 2015, Sienna celebrated her 10 years anniversary. Because of this 10 years milestone we have created a short video, which reflects back on these wonderful years – all thanks to our always lovely clients! To view the movie click here.


Sienna & Lois: Urban City Chic meets Vintage

In 2012, we jumped into a new adventure because we felt the Sienna concept could be further broadened, driven by new gorgeous styles and brands. That’s when we established our second ‘brick & mortar’ boutique: Sienna & Lois in the Kammenstraat 89. While Sienna is a modern romantic, her sister Lois is an urban city chick. When it comes to fashion, Lois blends ethnic bohemia and tomboy street chic effortlessly. With an original mix of smaller affordable labels, the Lois look leans towards bold and clean, but with the same distinctive femininity as her sister Sienna.


Sienna & Faye: Nonchalant Sophisticated with a Playful Twist

On March 12th 2016, we welcomed our third member: Sienna & Faye in the Everdijstraat 41. The style of Sienna & Faye is "nonchalant chic & playful sophisticated", with classic constructed pieces for an original feminine look. Here, nonchalance and chic are irrevocably interlinked – sophistication and femininity play the most important roles, while playfulness and nonchalance casually mingle in their wakes. 

The Sienna & Faye store also features an in-store ‘Des Petits Hauts Pop-Up Shop’. This French brand is all about seeing “La vie en plus jolie”, which is completely in line with Sienna’s essence. Des Petits Hauts focuses on the softest materials and the prettiest fabrics. They look for unique, rare colours - which turn out to be exceptionally stunning - and they finish every piece with small detail fantasies. Come visit Sienna & Faye and discover it yourself!


Sienna Ghent: Representing her Antwerp Sienna sisters in Ghent

On August 8th 2019, we added a new chapter to our Sienna story! We opened our doors from Sienna Ghent on Brabantdam 10! It started last year with the idea of ​​starting a pop-up shop in this beautiful city. But we fell in love with Ghent and immediately felt completely at home! So we decided to take a leap of faith and go for the long term - we're here to stay! We hope that you’ll take the Sienna store into your heart!

Just like her three Antwerp sisters, Sienna Ghent is striving to be the antithesis of the high street chains, with a beautiful variety of carefully chosen wearable, but unique, pieces for fashion savvy women - with a focus on womenswear and accessories all presented in a welcoming and unique interior setting.


Sienna Goodies: Sienna’s online sister

Besides our physical stores, in 2014 Sienna's e-boutique went online: www.siennagoodies.com. Sienna Goodies offers a truly cherry-picked selection of “goodies” of our brick & mortar boutiques ‘Sienna’, ‘Sienna & Lois’, ‘Sienna & Faye’ and 'Sienna Ghent'. We strive to offer a dynamic selection of clothes and accessories that will let our fashion savvy clients shine and make them happy. Needless to say, the e-boutique inherited the same values as her sisters: customer friendliness, high service, transparency and authenticity.

With our webshop and associated social media we want to keep in touch with our Sienna clients 24/7; engage them about our unique styles and looks and pro-actively inform them about our latest arrivals, sale activities / competitions and news that inspires us.    


We love hearing from our clients!

No matter what your query is, big or small, please do email us. We’re here to help! Please email us on info@siennagoodies.com. Also, we are always more than happy to consider collaboration opportunities and help with press inquiries!


Looking forward to seeing you very soon!

xoxo Su-Yin.



PS - Stay tuned!

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