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Women's cardigans at Sienna Goodies

A women's cardigan has become an important item in every woman's wardrobe. The reason for this is the versatility of the clothing item. Whether you want to create a chic or casual look: with a women's cardigan you can go in all directions. Did you know that a women's cardigan is not only a nice item for cold weather, but also comes in handy in the summer. Find your women's cardigan in the Sienna Goodies collection!

Women's cardigans of different materials and in various colors

A cardigan is handy and never goes out of style. You can never have enough items from a cardigan. At Sienna Goodies, we know that all too well. That is why you will find women's cardigans in all kinds of colors, lengths and made of different materials in our collection. Do you want to create a calm look with your women's cardigan? Then choose a women's cardigan in a solid color, such as: pink, blue, black, beige, white and brown. Can the outfit stand out a little more? Then go for a women's cardigan in a pattern. In our collection you will find women's cardigans in a plain, striped, floral, graphic, mix and checkered pattern.

Different types of women's cardigans

Women's cardigans are not only available in different materials, colors and patterns. The range of models is also diverse. We would like to take you through the different models of women's cardigans that are very popular. Hopefully it makes the choice in finding the right vest easier.

Knitted cardigan for women
The women's cardigan is such a wonderful clothing item. It is warm and very comfortable. It's also no wonder that many women are looking for the perfect one. The knitted cardigan is available in a wintery look, but also in a nice, airy one for a pleasant evening in the spring or autumn.

The cardigan for women
A major Italian fashion brand made the cardigan a popular item of clothing for women as well. Many women now have this classic cardigan model as a base in their wardrobe. A cardigan can be described as a simple yet fine knit cardigan with buttons and usually a v-neck. The cardigan is a suitable item to wear in both a formal and informal setting.

Women's Kimonos
The kimono is originally a traditional Japanese clothing item. The wide sleeves and belt are characteristic of the kimono. The kimono is a versatile piece of clothing that can be worn over a t-shirt and under jeans. Especially when you want to create several layers, the kimono offers a solution. In the Sienna Goodies collection you will find Kimonos from Sweet Like You and From Sienna With Love.

How do you combine a women's cardigan?

Do you want to wear a women's vest in your spare time? Then combine a women's cardigan with nice skinny jeans, a shirt, trendy sneakers and ankle boots. If you want to create a neater look with yourwomen's cardigan, combine a cardigan with a stylish blouse, a skirt and boots or heels. You can combine endlessly with a women's cardigan.

Women's vests to brave the cold

Are you someone who gets cold quickly and puts the temperature of the heating higher than lower? Then a long women's cardigan is a must have for you. A long cardigan for women will keep you extra warm. The reason for this is that the length of the vest also ensures that the legs stay nice and warm. Is this not warm enough for you yet? Combine the long cardigan with a lovely sweater.

Women's cardigans for the summer

When you think of a cardigan, you don't quickly think of summer. Nevertheless, this clothing item is ideal to have on hand in the summer. Put a cardigan in your bag when you go out and you are always provided with an extra portion of warmth when the evening cools down.

Shop your women's cardigan at Sienna Goodies

If you want to add a new women's cardigan to your clothing collection, then you have come to the right place at Sienna Goodies. In our collection you will find women's cardigans from top brands, such as Sweet Like You, Orla, Vila, MbyM, Selected Femme, Yas and Des Petits Hauts. Would you rather not order a women's cardigan online, but would you like to check the fit? Then visit one of our stores. Our colleagues are happy to assist you and provide you with appropriate advice.

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