Oversized sweaters

Discover the versatility of the oversized sweater: comfortable, warm and feminine in one

No clothing item is as nice as a large warm sweater on cold days. The oversized sweaters from Sienna Goodies are comfortable, easy to combine, warm and also look fashionable. The oversized sweater is great as home wear during a day of relaxing on the couch, but just as suitable for creating a sexy outfit when a day at the beach or a party is planned. Whatever style you want to create, an oversized sweater offers a solution!

At Sienna Goodies you will find a wide range of knitted sweaters.

Sweaters that we have carefully selected based on the latest fashion trends. With us you are guaranteed the highest quality at the lowest price. Take a look at our webshop and find the sweater you are looking for.

Oversized sweaters from different brands, materials and various prints/colors

An oversized sweater offers a solution for every moment of the day. You can easily combine the clothing item and wear it in different ways. The fact that you also have a choice in different materials may not make the choice any easier. In our webshop you will find oversized sweaters of, among other things: cotton, wool, mohair, knit, knitwear, knitted, and polyamide. A big advantage of these natural materials is that they feel very soft and not irritating.

The baggy fit of the oversized sweater gives it a cool and casual character. It is not for nothing that oversized sweaters are naturally quite basic. In our collection you will find a wide range of sweaters in a solid color, such as: pink, blue, white, black, lilac, mint, coral and beige. Make your outfit just that little bit more special, without being too noticeable. Then shop a striped, graphic, rib knit or cable sweater.

With our sidebar filters we have tried to support you in finding the right sweater from the wide range of Sienna Goodies. Simply filter in the sidebar on the left by brand, material, color, etc. and find the sweater you are looking for. Rather try on a sweater in one of our stores. You are of course also very welcome. Our colleagues are ready to assist you and are happy to advise you.

From casual to feminine with an oversized sweater

Oversized sweaters go perfectly with other casual clothing items, such as cool jeans. Do you want to create a playful effect? Then tuck the front of the sweater into your pants. The result of an oversized sweater and jeans is a comfortable, yet fashionable outfit for young and old. With a simple adjustment you can turn a casual outfit into a chic outfit. Wear a blouse under the sweater and the whole immediately looks more chic.

Do you want to create a real feminine look? That is certainly possible with an oversized sweater. Wear an oversized sweater with a skirt underneath or shape your waist with a belt. The feminine look will be immediately present. Want to make it even more exciting? When your oversized sweater is long enough, you can even wear it as a dress. You'll be amazed how much you can go with an oversized sweater. In our collection you will find oversized sweaters from top brands such as: Sweet Like You, Orla, Neo Noir, MbyM, Selected Femme, YAS, Des Petit Hauts, Soaked in Luxury, Pieces, Marie Sixtine, Maison Anje and Moss Copenhagen.

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