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Beautiful pants for women at Sienna Goodies

The pants are a clothing item that is indispensable in the fashion world and the streets today. A big advantage of the women's trousers is that they are versatile and easy to combine with a top. This ensures that the pants invite you to play with fashion. At Sienna Goodies you will find an extensive collection of women's trousers in different styles, colors and sizes.

Women's trousers in all models

Since the very first pants, a lot of new models have been added. In addition to wide, elegant women's trousers, we can choose from women's trousers in all conceivable fabrics, colours, materials, lengths and styles. From jeans and rib pants to leather pants, linen pants and shorts. These are just the different models. You also have options in terms of fitting: slim fit, loose fit and regular fit. Can't you choose from the extensive collection of women's trousers from Sienna Goodies? Then use the filter options in the sidebar and find the pants you are looking for!

The latest trends in trousers for women

One thing is certain: the women's trousers are timeless. Yet, as with other clothing items, you see trends come and go. Even at the moment you see certain pants frequently in the fashion world and the streets. The models are:
- As the name suggests, the high waisted pants are characterized by the high waist. The pants still come over the navel and are therefore ideal to hide a possible tummy. A tip: put a short T-shirt on these pants and your legs will look a lot longer.
- The flared pants are known for their wide legs and are ideal when you want to create a special look. The pants provide a playful character around the legs. Increase the contrast of the pants by wearing a fitted top above them.

Women's trousers for the office

It is nice to wear comfortable clothes at work, but to have a professional appearance. A nice plain pants offer a solution at such a moment. Pair it with a blouse with matching pumps and you'll look stunning. Is it a little too cold for pants? Then choose long pants. Common pants colors that come back in business are grey pants, blue pants, black pants, and white pants. Of course you can also opt for a brighter color such as pink pants, yellow pants, green pants, red pants or brown pants.

Ladies pants for a party

Skinny trousers made of a stretch fabric are the trousers for a party. If you want to give your look a more exciting look, choose pants made of imitation leather. Complete your outfit with a supple blouse. Another extreme is the tough look. You can create this style by combining jeans with a leather jacket with a black top.

Shop your pants at Sienna Goodies

As you can see, when it comes to pants for women, the possibilities are endless. At Sienna Goodies you will find trousers from our own brands: Sweet Like You and Orla. In addition, at Sienna Goodies you will find women's trousers from, among others, Selected Femme, MbyM, Grace & Mila, Yas, Moss Copenhagen and Vila. Prefer to try on a pair of trousers in one of our stores? We are happy to welcome you and provide you with appropriate advice. Whatever pants you are looking for, at Sienna Goodies you are guaranteed to find your item.

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