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Experience the versatility of the blazer

The blazer is a clothing item that you can use in all directions. Do you want a more businesslike appearance, for example at the office? Then wear the item on trousers with a pair of heels. Are you going for a casual look? Combine a blazer with cool jeans and matching sneakers. In short: the ladies blazer is a versatile piece of clothing that deserves a place in every female wardrobe.

At Sienna Goodies we understand all too well that you are looking for the most beautiful, hippest and most trendy blazers. Who would not want that? That is why we closely follow the latest trends. With us you can leave the house with peace of mind and you are assured of a blazer with the right price-quality ratio.

Blazers made of different materials and in various fits and colours

The fact that the blazer is a versatile piece of clothing is probably not news to you. The reason for this is not only that you can easily combine a blazer. The different materials (wool, polyester, jeans, cotton, viscose, polyamide, tencel and leather), various fits, models and colors of the blazer also play a role in this.

You can easily recognize the classic blazer by the wide collar and the tailored fit. In recent years, many variations of this garment have been developed. There is the oversized blazer, the blazer dress (long blazer) and the blazer with a belt at the waist. The latter model resembles a kimono jacket. Another special variant is the blazer without sleeves, called the blazer gillet.

Now we have only talked about the different models of blazers. You also have a decent choice in terms of color and material. If you go for a black blazer or blue blazer, you are always in the right place. If you want to stand out a little more and choose a more pronounced color, go for a pink blazer, purple blazer, red blazer or yellow blazer. To make the choice even more difficult, Sienna Goodies offers you a choice of striped, checkered or floral prints in addition to solid colours.

Blazers for every occasion

We said it before: the blazer is a clothing item that can be worn at any time and all day long. With small adjustments you can make the outfit you wore during the day suitable for the evening. Wearing a blazer at the office during the day with a pair of nice heels? Swap the shirt under the blazer for a blouse, the heels for sneakers and you're ready for a cozy evening apero with the girls.

View the wide range of blazers from Sienna Goodies

We understand that it may be difficult to find the right ladies blazer due to the large overview of top brands. At Sienna Goodies you will find blazers from: Sweet Like You, MbyM, Yas, Selected Femme, Vila, Neo Noir, Moss Copenhagen and Pieces. Take a look at our range, get inspired and realize that you can go in all directions with a blazer. Shop your new blazer online or visit one of our stores and we will gladly provide you with advice.

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