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Beautiful sweaters and knitted clothes for women

The knitted sweater is a favorite for many women in autumn and winter. As the days get shorter and colder, it's time to start wearing warmer clothes. A knitted sweater or cardigan should of course not be missing in your wardrobe.

A knitted sweater or cardigan is an indispensable item not only in autumn or winter. There are also super fine and light sweaters and cardigans that you can wear all year round. In the online webshop of Sienna Goodies you will find a wide range of knitted sweaters and cardigans. The range is wide and differs in, among other things, neck opening, color and print. For example, we have sweaters with a V-neck, round neck or boat neck. With the options in the sidebar you can easily and quickly filter the knitted sweater or cardigan you are looking for.

Various fabric sweaters and knitwear

Most clothing brands know very well how to turn a simple knitted sweater or cardigan into a high-quality product. Materials such as merino, cashmere or cotton are combined with beautiful knitting and weave patterns. Are you looking for a knitted sweater or cardigan? Then think carefully about the choice of material before purchasing. A wool sweater can sometimes cause a tingling sensation in warm weather. It is also possible that your skin is sensitive to, for example, sheep wool or mohair wool. Then go for a cotton sweater or a mix of different materials.

Scandinavian knitted sweaters and cardigans: practical and stylish

An area that lends itself perfectly for a lovely, warm knitted sweater is Scandinavia. In Sweden, Denmark and Norway it is almost a competition to see who braves the cold most stylishly. Various Scandinavian clothing brands have an extensive range of knitted sweaters and cardigans in their collection. We are therefore proud to be able to offer these brands in our range. Filter for example by brands like Neo Noir, MbyM, Object, Moss Copenhagen, YAS, Des Peit Hauts, Soaked in Luxury, Pieces, Marie Sixtine, Maison Anje or Selected Femme and you will be amazed at how stylish knitted sweaters and cardigans are. Take a look at sweaters with chunky polka dots, embroidered emblems or a sweater with a beautiful cable pattern. Enjoy the detail work with which the warm sweaters and cardigans have been developed.
We are very fond of knitted sweaters and have also made a super fine collection of wonderfully soft and colorful knitted sweaters and cardigans with our own brands Sweet Like You and Orla.

Knitted sweaters or cardigans and the latest trends: debardeur and oversized sweater

Knitted women's sweaters and cardigans are sensitive to trends, but are characterized by a solid base. Take a look at any wardrobe and you will 100% come across a knitted sweater or cardigan. If you want to add something new to the wardrobe, there is always a new brand, model, color or pattern to discover. A trend that has made a comeback is the debardeur. The woolen, sleeveless sweaters are back in fashion and have been revived and are available in the most cheerful colours, prints and patterns! Another item that is very trendy at the moment is the oversized sweater. This creates a casual, yet elegant style. You will also find these in the range of Sienna Goodies.

Knitted sweaters in solid color, with a stripe pattern or print

The knitted sweater is available in different models, colours, print or pattern. If you want to go for a calm look, choose a sweater or cardigan in a plain color. The color possibilities are endless. For example, choose a pink sweater, blue sweater, black sweater or white sweater. The striped pattern is a classic in all clothing types. The horizontal stripe comes in different thicknesses. View our range and discover which striped sweater is missing in your wardrobe. Are you less of a fan of the stripes? Do you prefer a print? Then you're in the right place at Sienna Goodies. Let's face it: knitted sweaters should stand out, right? Filter in our sidebar by graphic, animal print or mix and discover the possibilities a knitted sweater or cardigan has to offer.

View the wide range of knitted sweaters and cardigans from Sienna Goodies

We understand that it may be difficult to find the right knitted sweater or cardigan due to the large selection. Take a look at our range, get inspired and realize that you can go in all directions with the right sweater or cardigan. Shop your new knitted sweater or cardigan online or visit one of our stores and we will gladly provide you with advice based on your wishes.

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